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Jerusalem Bed and Breakfast Magas House

Jerusalem - Vacation Accommodation

MAGAS HOUSE - Centrally located, Green & Quiet, 
in the historic neighborhood of Musrara

The Property & Around

The property is located in the center of Jerusalem in Musrara neighborhood.

Musrara is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem and it
is a living testimony to its history beauty & diversity.


A little history.


Musrara was founded by upper class Christian Arab residents during the late 19th century.

It is living testimony to its diversity - and that of Jerusalem in general - over the last 130 years. Relics of every stage of architecture during this period can be found there.

The property was contracted in the first Arab phase.

It is characterized whit large, luxurious mansions that were built by rich Arabs attempting to escape the overcrowding in the Old City during the late 19th century.

These houses have grand entrances, beautiful masonry and shingled roofs.

Near by place to visit


Historical & archeological sites.

In the Old city:

Wailing wall,
City of David and Underground Jerusalem,
Church of the Holy Sepulcher,
Dome of the Rock,
The four quarters.  (Christian, Jewish , Muslim, Armenian)

The Old city market 



In the City Center area:

The "Shuk" - The market, colorful with spices, sweets,  ect...

Restaurants, coffee shops ect,

Shopping Malls ect.. 

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