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Jerusalem Bed and Breakfast Magas House

Jerusalem - Vacation Accommodation

MAGAS HOUSE - Centrally located, Green & Quiet, 
in the historic neighborhood of Musrara

House Manual

 "Jerusalem bagels"
They come with sesame seeds on them but be sure to get a side of hyssop

 Heleni Ha Malka Street is named in memory of Queen Helena of Adiabene 

Dear Guest

We wish you a pleasant stay and hope you enjoy 
your time in Jerusalem.
Please feel free to let us know if you need anything or if you have any concerns.
We will assist you in any way that we can.

Contact people:
Reservations: Mai/Magali:
On site: Nomi and Emanuel : 054.7426176 / 050.7719105
Skype Id: live:jerusalembandb

User: nomi (or) Nomi 
Password: 0547426176


In the garden or other areas you may connect with
User name: Bspot4D57.2.4 (or) Bspot4D57.5.0
Password: 58004D57

Before you leave we kindly ask you to:
1. Leave the towels open to dry.
2. Empty the trash into the large bins which are located outside the gate, on the left side.
3. Try to leave the place tidy as it was when you arrived.
4. Return the key to the box.


Table of contents

  1. Address + Contact Details

  2. Internet

  3. Water Heater & sanitary

  4. Getting around & near by transportation

  5. Grocery

  6. Laundry

  7. T.V

  8. Waste disposal

  9. Airport Transportation

  10. Check in Check out & return of room

  11. Parking

  12. Reporting damages

  13. Your safety

  14. Loss of key

  15. Smoking

  16. Energy

  17. Dehumidifier in the Cellar unit

  18. Good to know / Tour and Travel:
    (Taxi phone numbers /
    Emergency Number /Pharmacy)

1. Address: Heleni HaMalka 26, Musrara, Jerusalem.

Contact people:
On Site: Nomi and Emanuel: 054.7426176 (Also for payment).
E- Mail:

Reservations - Mai/Magali:
On site: Nomi and Emanuel : 054.7426176 / 050.7719105
Skype Id: live:jerusalembandb


2. Wi-Fi connection login:
User name: nomi (or) Nomi    Password: 0547426176

In the garden or other areas you may connect with
User name: Bspot4D57.2.4 (or) Bspot4D57.5.0
Password: 58004D57

3. Water Heater & sanitary: turn the timer in advance,
clockwise for approximately 30 minutes or more.
The switch is located near the bathroom door.
In the Studio it is located inside the bathroom near the door.
Sanitary: Flush ONLY the toilet paper provided.
Don't flush any sanitary or other products, nothing else please.
Misuse may result in flood.

4. Getting around & near by transportation:
Walking distance:
Old City and Damascus gate: 5 min walk, 650 m
Wailing wall: 20 min walk, 1.3 km
City Center,  Jaffa & Ben yehuda Street: 10 min walk, 650 m
“Mahane Yehuda" Market: 25 min walk, 1.5 km

Nearest city tram (Light Rail) stations: 5 min walk
1. Damascus Gate station
2.“Shivtei Israel” station (Tribes of Israel).
3. City Hall

General guide lines on “How to get to”
To Damascus Gate:
Going out of the gate turn right,
walk north-east on Heleni Hamalka St. towards Ha-Nevi'im St.
Turn right onto Ha-Nevi'im St.
Continue straight until the large junction, You will see the Old City
walls. Cross the large road and turn right.

Walk towards the large wall, destination will be in front of you.

To the Light Rail station “Damascus Gate”
Going out of the gate turn right,
walk north-east on Heleni Hamalka St towards Ha-Nevi'im St.
Turn right onto Ha-Nevi'im St.
Turn right onto Kheil ha-Handasa St.
Destination will be on the right 350 m.

To Jaffa Gate:
Going out of the gate turn left walk on Heleni Hamalka St. towards
Daniel St. Continue until Shivtei Israel St.
Turn left onto Shivtei Israel St. Continue straight until you meet the crossing road.
Cross the road and continue straight
the destination is in from of you.

To the City Center: Going out of the gate turn left,
walk south-west on “Heleni Hamalka" St., walk until the end of the
street where Heleni Hamalka St. meets Jaffa St. (approximately 10 min.)
On Jaffa St., turn right towards “Tzion square”,
or turn left towards “Kikar Safra" and Jaffa Gate.

5. Nearby Grocery - In the city center area
1. Terminal 21 Supermarket. Address: Queen Shlomziyon St 2.
2. Mini SuperMarket 24/7. Address: Heleni Hamalka 1.
3. Mini market haneviim. Address: Haneviim 48.

4. Super Harav Kook. Address: HaRav Kuk St 8. Phone: +972 2-501-5755
5 .The Supermarket. Address: Shlomo ha-Melekh St. (in front of Mamila Hotel),
Open 24 hours. (relatively high prices)

In the Old city area:
On the way to Damascus gate you will see a variety of grocery stores as well as fruits
and vegetables stores. They are open seven days a week from morning till late night.

6. Laundry options:
1. Self service laundry
Address: Elisar 1 Street. On google map it shows as Yitskhak Elisar 1.

2. Pick up and delivery laundry service:Please let us know and we will inform
the laundry service people.
Cost: approximate 60 shekel for a machine. (7 kg).

7. T.V: for explanation see the cards on top of the tv.

8. Waste disposal: Dispose of your personal waste into the large bins which are located outside the gate, on the left side. The waste is later separated in a factory without human contact into various types.
Plastic bottles can be taken for disposal or left in the room.
Nearest disposal location: Shivtei Israel St & Elisha St. 5 min (400 m)  walk. Going out of the gate turn left walk for 130 meters, turn left to shivtei israel street, walk for 350 meters.

9. Airport Transportation:
1. Private Taxi.
You may download the app "Gett (GetTaxi)", (24/7) 

and order a taxi that will arrive to pick you up and drop you at your destination.

2. “Neshser/Sherut” Shared Shuttle service to and from the Airport.
The Shuttle taxi service to our door can be found outside the arrivals gate.
Make sure that the driver takes you to our entrance gate, it is his duty.

The service is provided 24 hours a day.

Please note for trips on Friday Saturday and Sunday, the call service for
booking is closed from Friday afternoon until Saturday night.

On Friday the call service is available from 9:00 am - 13:00 pm.
On Saturday call service begins at night, after Shabbat is over.

"Nesher" Jerusalem branch:  02-6257227   |   1-599-500-205

“Nesher” Ben Gurion Airport branch:  02 - 6222553 | 02 - 6231231

If you have an Israeli phone number
that you can give them at the time of booking, you may call them and arrange it by phone.

Otherwise, they require that you pay for the booking in advance in their office,

at "Ben Yehuda 23 street  2nd floor, and book it there.

3. Private Taxi Service: "Daka 99"
Phone: 02-5000787

Other contact numbers:
Taxi : 054- 3978878.
Eyal: 052- 544 7303.
Beni: 050- 7111259.

4. By Train from the Airport.
    A. From the Airport to Jerusalem Central bus station which is called Yitzhak
    Navon station.
    B. From Jerusalem Central bus station to our address:
    Take the Light Rail transportation and get off at "Damscus Gate" station,
     or get a Taxi to our door.

10. check in check out & return of room
Check in: 15: 00 p.m
Check out: 10:00 a.m
If these times does not suit your plans, please let us know.
When you check out, please leave the house key in the same box where you found it.


11. Parking: for real time updates and most accurate
parking facilities you may check “waze” app.

In house parking place is not available.

When you arrive you may find a parking spot on Heleni Hamalka street, in front of the entrance gate or nearby.
The parking sign with the rules can be seen at Heleni Hamalka 30.
You may take a look at it to make sure the rules have not change.

Parking payment is through the Cellopark app.

The paid parking is for maximum 3 hours during the day time.
On most of the week days the parking is free of charge from 18:00 pm until 8:00 am. 

Paid parking:
Sunday - Thursday: from 8:00 am until 18:00 pm.
Friday from 8:00  am until 13:00 pm.

Free of charge parking:
Sunday - Thursday: From 18:00 pm until 8:00.
Friday, from 13:00 pm until Sunday 8:00 am.

The same parking rules apply to Shivtei Israel street, which is near by.
The parking sign with the rules can be seen at Shivyet Israel 24.

Cellopark is the #1 parking app for tourists.
Download the app from the app store – Cellopark (not Cellopark Australia). The app will automatically detect the language of your phone and switch to English. The app is available in Hebrew, English, Russian or Arabic. If for some reason it doesn’t then click on the world logo in the top right corner to switch languages.
More details on:
Cellopark call service: *9070 or  03-7187711

Nearby - Long and short term parking:
In Heleni Hamalka St. or on Shivtei Israel street.
Parking with Cellopark app between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

"Kikar Safra" parking - Safra Square parking lot
Address: Safra Square, Shivtei Yisrael 7.
Opening hours: open 24 hours, except Saturday.
Fee (subject to change) : 14 ILS an hour.All day parking (7 hours or more 84 ILS)
Reduced rate every day from 16:05 until 06:00 14 ILS
Telephone: 02-6250894, 02-6296080
*It is located near the Old City The City Center and Jaffa Gate.

How to get to from Safra Square parking to Heleni Hamalka 26 by foot.
Distance: 5 Minutes walk, 400 m. Head north on Shivtei Israel St toward Safra Square - 300 m. Turn right onto Heleni Hamalka St. Destination will be on the right.

Antara Ben Shadad parking lot:
They require that you leave the key with them. (make sure to confirm the parking price in advance.
Its a hectic parking but open 24/7 and the cheapest around.
Address: Antara Ben Shadad St 1, Jerusalem.
Opening hours: open 24/7Fee (subject to change): 20 ILS for all the day. 20 ILS over night. Distance from Antara Ben Shadad parking lot to Heleni Hamalka 26 by foot: 5 Minutes walk, 300 m.

Parking rules that apply in Jerusalem if parking on the street:
Parking is illegal in areas where there are red and white lines across the curb. When the lines across the curb are blue and white then you need to use the Cellopark app. Make sure to check the sign for exact details. If the curb is gray with no other signs indicating that parking is forbidden and there is no parking sign in the beginning of the street that indicates that payment is required, then free parking is available
Please note: Parking tickets are given out rapidly if you don't apply these rules.

Other parking lots in the area and around.
Near Musrara (Morasha) neighborhood and the City Center:
1. Carta parking lot.
Address: Yitzchak Kariv Street 1.

Opening hours: 07:00 - 01:00, Thursday until 02:00.

Telephone: 02-6253270


2. Parking lot
Address: HaAyin Het street 9. 

from 8:00 am-16:00 pm for max 3 hours- Cellopark Payment.

3. Morasha Parking.
Address: HaAyin Het street 24.
Open and free only from 16:00 pm - 6:00 am,
and from Thursday form 16:00 pm until Sunday 6:00 am.
From 6:00 am to 16:00 pm parking is forbidden.

4. Russian Compound parking
Address: Gruzenberg St 6, Jerusalem.
Phone: +972 52-240-7664

5. Wallenberg Parking Lot
Address: Haneviim St. 63
Open Hours: Sunday - Thursday 07:00-19:00
Friday - 07:00-15:00

Near the Old City and Jaffa Gate
Mamilla Mall Parking Garage
Address: Yitzchak Kariv Street near Mamilla Mall.
Open Hours: 06:00 -24:00.
Exit lot until 02:00. Fee: First hour free. Telephone: 02-6360027

Near Talbiyeh, the German Colony, and Yemin Moshe neighborhoods.
Liberty Bell Park parking lot
Address: King David Street corner of Beit Lehem Road
Parking fee hours: 08:00 - 18:00. Free parking: from 18:00.

Old Train Station Compound Parking lot
Address: David Remez Square
Parking fee hours: 08:00 - 18:00. Free parking: from 18:00.

12. Reporting damages: Report damages/repairs to us as soon as possible.

13. Your safety: Make sure to lock the door and make sure all appliances are turned off, stove, oven, etc.


14. Smoking: Smoking is only allowed outside the unit.

15. Energy: Before leaving the room, switch off lights, heating and other electrical appliances.

16. Dehumidifier in the Cellar unit: please do not move the dehumidifier, it is connected to a drain and moving it may cause a leakage from the pipe.

Additional unregistered guests without prior authorization are not allowed.
Guests are not allowed to bring any other persons to stay at night.

17. Good to know
Taxi: Gett Taxi App - compatible with iPhone and Android platforms.
Rehavia Taxis: (02) 625-4444
HaPisga Taxis: 02-642-1111
Airport transportation service (“Nesher Tours”): (02) 625-7227
Egged (Bus Company running in and from Jerusalem): *2800
Dan: (Bus Company running in and from TLV): *3456
Light Rail  - Jerusalem (CityPass): *3686
Israel Railways: *5770
Ben Gurion Airport: *6663

Tour and Travel:
We offer to our guests a Discount Coupon Code to book a tour with one of the best tour companies.
Starting from half day tours in Jerusalem and all over the country, up to Jordan. Daily, private and multi day tours in English Spanish French and Dutch.

The website to book the tour is :
You may enter the Coupon Code while you are making a reservation.

How to activate the Coupon Code:
1. Select your tour, you will be directed to the booking page.
2. When you reach the Shopping Cart, enter the coupon code ISR5#000844 and press “activate”. The Code provides 5% discount.

The nearest pick up location to our place:
Notre Dam Center Hotel, (opposite the New Gate of the Old City),
which is a few minutes walk from here. Or Sibis Hotel at Yitskhak Elisar St 4.

If you do book a tour, please let us know. In order to improve our service,
your comment on the tour/booking is welcome.

Western Wall Tunnels: (02) 627-1333
Tower of David (02) 626-5333
Israel Museum (02) 670-8811
The Official Jerusalem Travel Site -
Municipal Tourist Information Service - 3 Safra Square (02) 629-5363

Money Exchange: The best exchange deals are at the private commission-free change offices in tourist areas.In the City Center there are many on or near Ben Yehuda Street, along Jaffa Street. In the Old City you’ll find exchange offices near Damascus Gate and Jaffa Gate.

Emergency Numbers:
-  Police: 100
-  Ambulance/Emergency Medical Service: 101
-  Urgent Care Facility “Terem”: Sderot Sarei Israel 15    02-509-3333 Open 24 hours.
-  Fire Department: 102
Pharmacy: “Alba Pharmacy” Jaffa St 42, Jerusalem.  Phone: +972 2-625-3703

Thank you!
Thank you for staying with us. We wish you a pleasant stay and
hope you enjoy your time in Jerusalem.


1-3. Address / Contatct / Wi-Fi / water heatert
4. Getting around
5-6. Grocery / Laundry
7-10. Tv / waste / Airport / Check in
11. Parking + 24/7 parking
12-16. Report damage, Ect..
17. Good to know
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